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Manus Abrasive Systems Inc. is a Canadian company in business since 1983. We are the leading Canadian manufacturer and supplier of blast equipment and related supplies. We are the proud manufacturers of Mod-U-Blast Abrasive equipment and maintain a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts for most popular brands. Being a manufacturer, with in-house engineering, gives us the flexibility and capacity to offer a complete design / build service to our customers.

manus abrasive mod Manus Abrasives

Mod-U-Blast Air – Water Separator

manus abrasive mod u 2 Manus Abrasives

Mod-U-Blast Mega Portable Blast Pot

manus abrasive blast helmet Manus Abrasives

Nova Blast Helmet

manus abrasive pipe fitter Manus Abrasives

Mod-U Blast Pipe Blast

manus abrasive pot Manus Abrasives

Mod-U-Blast Portable Sandblast Pot

manus abrasive s series Manus Abrasives

Mod-U-Blast P-Series Blast Cabinet

manus abrasive dust collector 400x184 Manus Abrasives

Mod-U-Blast Portable Dust Collector

manus abrasive grit collector Manus Abrasives

Mod-U-Blast Grit Recycler

manus abrasive breating air filter Manus Abrasives

Nova Breathing Air Filter

Quality Service
Our sales and service headquarter is located in Dieppe, N.B.